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The Association offers many benefits through membership, in addition to feeling good that you are supporting the wider community of interest in organs in your area.

1. Our events
We organise events which include organ crawls, social activities, recitals, educational activites and public lectures. Some are supportive and involve elements of refresher training, some are just for fun. (see Programme).

2. Your events
We send regular newsletters by email disseminating news of events which our members are promoting in the area.

3. About you
We like to include a short profile of new members in the “Welcome to New Members” section of our e-mail newsletters.

4. Organists' Review Magazine
Members are also entitled to subscribe to the Organists' Review magazine at a discounted rate. Organists' Review is the magazine of the Incorporated Association of Organists, to which the Peterborough Association is affiliated.

5. Organist Availability
In addition, we make information available for those who are seeking an organist, with an online form for our members to add information about their availability.

Thorney Abbey Pipework

6. Young Organists
Finally, we have a young organists' scheme which offers six free organ lessons to young people who show an interest in the pipe organ.

For more information on the Association, availability for stand in duties or to join, please contact John Mullen, Association Secretary, with your name, phone number and email address.

John will contact you as soon as possible for any further information and, in the case of joining the Association, to arrange details necessary for paying your subscription (currently £20 per year for the main member, Spouse/partner and Junior Membership is £10 a year). Subscriptions fall due at the AGM (4th October).

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