Organists available to play for Weekday Services

No recommendation or endorsement is made by listing these organists here. Caveat emptor. We asked our members if they are available, or if they are sometimes available.

Quick Tutorial

Your Google Spreadsheet must be divided into titled columns like so:

Data can be grabbed using double curly braces {{ }} like so:



1000, 1200, 5000 . . .

Gsheet will take whatever content placed inside, and
duplicate it for each row in your spreadsheet.

You can simply grab the value for the corresponding row by typing:
{{row.attribute}} or {{row.multiword_value}}

Column titles MUST start with a letter.
Values like {{row.2019}} or {{row.2019_year}} will NOT work


Qualifications: {{row.qualifications}}
(based in {{row.where_based}})
Put the email together by putting an AT sign between the two halves of the email address:
{{row.how_available}} on Weekdays